Healing Techniques - Group Therapy

Evidence-based best practices, trauma-related skills, knowledge, and objectives-oriented therapy groups specifically designed curriculum to provide mindful therapeutic and researched relief to individuals who have lived traumatic experiences. ACRS has developed, using researched, organized behavioral approaches, along with skills-based exercises to help individuals process traumatic responses to help them recover from symptomology related to their own traumatic experiences. Individuals work in groups facilitated by a professional counselor.

Our group design is centered upon the effective practical interventions and techniques drawn from trauma modalities such as CBT, EMDR, Energy Psychology, Focusing Gestalt Therapy, Guided Imagery, Mindfulness, Psychodrama, Sensorimotor Psychology, Art Therapies, DBT, EFT, PT, CPT, and many others. We offer our group design in Women, Men’s and Co-Ed Cohorts.

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